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Drink to the foam!  This is how you kick off game night!  


Each game comes with 6 ships, 2 mines, 2 dry erase markers, 2 Sailor Hats and 20 dry washer safe shotglasses! 


The board itself is liquid resistant and built to be able to be set up and put away quickly. Magnets hold the board together when its in storage. 


Dimensions : 16"x16"x4"

  • How to play

    How to play

    • Sit across from your opponent so that neither of you can see each other’s board. Arrange your ships and mine on your blue grid horizontally or vertically(not diagonally). Fill each shot glass with your preferred choice of beverage and put the shot glasses in the holes in the ships. You should select a special beverage for the shot glass that you put in the mine – your opponent will drink it if they “hit” it. Remember, to always keep your ships and mine locations a secret

    Go to war!

    • Determine who goes first. On your turn, call out the coordinates where you believe an enemy ship is positioned. *For example, if you call out A1, and your opponent yells “hit”, place an “X” on the red grid using your marker and your opponent drinks the shot. If it’s a miss they do nothing and use an “O” (this allows you to track your guesses) If your opponent calls the correct coordinate then you must announce this and drink that corresponding shot. The game ends once either opponent has had all their ships sunk. Any remaining shots left on the board at the end of the game falls under the “house rules” category.


  • Returns

    If the game arrives damaged please send me a message and some pics of the damage. Ill send you a new one and I can use the pics to claim it to the shipper. 

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